2 leading next generation sequencing technologies
Roche - Genome Sequencer FLX
read-length : 500 bp
reads : 1 million
when read length matters
e.g. de-novo sequencing
Illumina - Genome Analyzer II
reversible terminator chemistry
read length : 100 bp
reads : 200 million
when read count matters
e.g. ChIP-Seq
High-throughput low volume quantitative PCR
The SmartChip Complete Real-Time PCR System performs real-time PCR reactions in 100 nl across a 5184 nanowell chip. It allows to define a large variety of sample and assays configurations since the SmartChip nanowell chip is a unique open format. These configurations typically range from >1200 genes plus controls for a single sample to 3 genes plus controls for several hundred samples.